Is There An Alternative To Natural Paving Slabs?

We all know that natural is best, when it comes to both the quality and the finish. There is no doubt that natural stone is king when it comes to choosing a product to use on our outdoor paving projects.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cheaper alternative, that didn’t, well look like a cheaper alternative?

Well, what is there was? Because the alternatives to natural stone paving slabs have certainly improved over the last few years or so. And now they are a far better option than perhaps they used to be, in the not so distant past.

Of course, these alternatives still need to be able to perform to the same high standards you would be expecting of a natural stone. They need to be resilient, durable and able to cope with anything that you throw at them.

They shouldn’t crack up, literally, in the extremities of temperature, be able to withstand ice, snow and rain and then some more besides.

We want to be able to park, not only our car on them, but maybe a fleet of cars – even if they are hummers or four by fours.

In short, they need to be tough -but also come with the charm and finish of a natural stone. Oh and also not make your wallet faint, when it comes to the checkout – tall order?

Can it be done?

Well, certainly. Let’s look at some of the alternatives to natural flagstones that won’t cause your credit card to scream, come your next statement.


Perfecta is an alterative to natural stone, fashioned as it is out of concrete and then mixed with an aggregate of Yorkstone.

This can bring the best of both worlds because it is less expensive than a natural stone, but has some of the attractive features of one.

It is great in both dry and wet conditions, is durable but also charming and looks full of character.


Saxon flag paving is the alternative of choice for anyone who wants something a little more elaborate.

So if your project calls for a touch of finesse, this might be the one to plump for.

With a highly textured finish this is one extremely tough material and is especially great in wet or slippery conditions, because of its gripping properties.

Available in more than one color and lots of different depths and sizes, we can see this being popular for the more decorative projects you want to undertake in 2018.

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