Advertise With Us is the foremost Californian lifestyle magazine and website. Our site features interior design, home décor, lifestyle and construction topics.


We have a broad appeal and are visited by over half a million unique visitors a year. Our magazine has a circulation of 200,000.

These are people who are interested in interior design, home décor, style and beauty for all things to do with the indoors and interiors.

But also, they are ardent DIY-ers, crafters, builders and outdoor decorators.

Our readers are both consumers and practitioners of home décor.

Some of them are professionals – civil engineers and construction workers. Some of them are just interested amateurs.

But either way, they are interested in YOU the advertiser and what you have to say about your products.

We are followed by industry professionals and businesses, but also by housewives, the retired, hobbyists, students and more.

Both groups are potential customers and they are all here, in one place, just for waiting to hear about your latest product.

Our marketing team can give you access to this valuable demographic and better than that, we can help you communicate with them more effectively.

Our in house advertising team can design everything from banner ads to adverts to go on your social media. We can produce side bar ads or feature your brand on our advertorial pages.

Whichever method of advertising you choose – we can help make it a success.

From the simplest box advert, to a video commercial, you choose what you want us to do, in order to connect to our readers. And we promise you will not be disappointed!


Compared to the average North American income, our readers perform extremely well.

The average annual income of our viewers is $249,459 as a combined household figure. This is significantly above the national average.


80% of our readers have a college degree. This is a high percentage and one that gives advertisers a clue to our demographic and how to approach them.


The average age of our website user comes out at 45 years old. However, we have quite a range of ages and a significant proportion of them are over 65 years old.


Our demographic has a high disposable income and a good level of general education. With enquiring minds and an interest in anything new happening in the world of construction and DIY, can you really afford to ignore the Calmortgagedepo demographic?